In no thoroughly thought out order, here are some other websites I like, which you many enjoy too.

Library of Chadnet

Library of great books, texts, articles, magazines.
Some classics, some esoteric, some controversial.

I couldn’t tell you where to start.

Read The Tech Industry is Grooming Children and Possessive Language and Spellcasting on the Mind.

An anonymous writer sharing good insight.

the singularity is nearer

You should read Class Warfare and Consumer Class Divide, and watch this.

No, this isn’t some communist’s blog.

This is geohot’s blog. It’s chaotic, but great. He became the first to unlock (precursor to jailbreaking) the iPhone at 17 years old. I find George Hotz to be a very inspiring figure, that I hope to become more like over time. I admire his willingness to ignore rules, execute, and call out bullshit.

Slate Star Codex

Read Meditations on Moloch.

The king of the rationalists. Scott Alexander. This blog is now defunct, in favor of his Substack, Astral Codex Ten, but I still love what’s left behind. And I really don’t like Substack’s layout.

Luke Smith’s blog

Read Conspiratorial Thinking and “Multiple Outs” and Monero Maximalism: Or, How Bitcoin Is a 💩coin.

I’ve been reading his stuff for quite a while, and it’s really a shame I haven’t listed it earlier, becuase it’s really great. I consider him the ultimate hybrid of traditional wisdom and modern crypto and Linux meme wizardry. If it wasn’t for him, this website wouldn’t exist. Thanks, Luke.

Computer, Enhance!

Read Turns are Better than Radians, and if you’re really nerdy, The Problem with RISC-V V Mask Bits.

The author’s name is Casey Muratori, and he is one of my programming heroes. His lectures on YouTube are also great. Sadly, this is a Substack, which means you’ll need to click “Let me read it first” a million times, and it is really ugly and bright, but the content is so worth it.

Topics include code quality, simplification and non-pessimised code (aka. non-bloated programming), and in general he provides a rare voice of sanity to the largely delusional modern programming world.

Encyclopedia of things considered harmful

cat-v is a lot of things. Among those things is a high quality collection of texts.

‘The Internet is not for sissies.’
— Paul Vixie


Start with Predictably Wrong, first part of Rationality: A-Z by Eliezer Yudkowsky. You should also read Politics is the Mind-Killer.

The name explains it pretty well. The core article content about being less wrong. About building a better mind, better ability to think and solve problems.

Nowadays it is also host to some interesting discussions around artificial intelligence.


A short, but sweet/potent read to check out is News is Propaganda.

This guy has a really eccentric way of writing in numbered paragraphs. Very interesting, very good, check it out.

Niki’s Blog

Read Computers as I used to love them.

This is the legend that created Fira Code. You have to respect that, because code ligatures are great. Fight me. He also maintains a great list of awful user experiences.

Just… try to ignore all the Java.