My end goal is to work on free, open source, offline, cross-platform and high quality software to inspire future creatives, the same way I felt inspired the first time I downloaded Blender and GIMP over a decade ago.

While I do have a GitHub, I suggest you stick to reading the source on my very own Sourceheim!


Invoicing for Norwegian film workers, made chill.

I stole that slogan from openpilot.

The rules put forth by the Norwegian film union are needlessly complicated, and calculating what you should invoice takes too much damn work. It should be automated. So I automated it.

You tell it the hours you worked, and it tells you the amount you should invoice. It even gives you a cute copy-paste-able receipt, listing the hours.

Right now, it only uses the ruleset for advertisement and short-term work. Maybe I’ll expand it in the future, but for longer term work, honestly, you should probably ask for standard wage payment. Other issues are described in the readme, which you can read, along with the source code, on the git.

Downloads: Linux, MacOS-x86, Termux, Win32, Win64


A tiny tool I wrote because I needed to test float accuracy. Maybe you’ll find it useful.

~$ floatback 435922.553 d

You can pick between float, double and long double float sizes, by writing f, d or ld.

Downloads: Linux, MacOS-x86, Termux, Win32, Win64Source Code


floatback v1.1