Dare to Disturb


A.M. Hickman recently encouraged people on 𝕏 to go on an adventure. Go drive around the country for a couple of months. Avoid the major cities and explore the land, the small towns, talk to people! See if you find the girl of your dreams. Talk to her, ask her out! A beautiful sentiment, at least in my book.

However, the thread quickly filled with perfect exemplars of slave morality. Sad, shriveled gonks spewing naught but discouragement from their pitiful tongues. This split was a surprisingly stark political divide. The people with bios containing “(he/him/his)” or “Parent of a trans kid”, and names containing pride flags were the ones going:

“NOoo! Don’t adventure! Don’t talk to people! It might be a slight inconvenience to them!”

This is driven by their own experience of interacting with people, which always results in them being a drag. Us well-adjusted, vital and normal people are the opposite. Everywhere we go people smile, we strike up small conversations with strangers, we make people’s day. So naturally, our view of talking to people is that we bring joy, because of course we do! Conversely, if they imagine themselves chatting up a stranger, they see it being bothersome, weird or even creepy. Because it would be! They are bothersome, weird and creepy people. That is the problem, not the suggestions of interacting with people or asking them on dates.

These people become closed-in husks, walking around afraid they might “bother someone” or “cross a boundary”. Barely able to speak to anyone without getting consent first, let alone go for the kiss at the opportune time. They are valueless, deformed and mentally broken. They know this. Subconsciously, they know their own negative nature. Rather than fixing this (because that requires the humility to realize it’s true and doing the hard work to improve), they have logically concluded that the best thing to do is minimize themselves and their impact on the world and the people around them. To minimize the spread of this sad energy.

They will then assume this is true for everyone else as well, and advise you to do the same. They are wrong about this. Don’t be like them. Don’t you ever derive moral superiority from minimizing yourself and your impact on the world. Be expansive, cross borders, piss some people off, cross boundaries, get laid, get slapped, adventure, love, lose, love again. Go fucking live! Don’t ask for permission. Just fucking do it.