Notes on Bronze Age Mindset by Bronze Age Pervert


If you don’t already know, Bronze Age Mindset is written with a harsh style, so don’t get your panties in a twist.

BAP on the feminine superpower

Women are likely to be able to receive such messages more than others, because in them the intellect is more firmly planted in the body and the inborn will. Many times this means they are, more than others, slaves of utility, but it also means they live more in the moment, less encumbered by concepts and abstractions, have more access to direct perception of things. They can see through many lies and can know people’s intentions before they know what they want themselves. Saddam Hussein was like this: he was a transsexual in his soul. Not all women, but there are cases where a certain turn in spirit frees their intellect from the confusions of their drives and the chaos of their hormones, and yet they don’t lose that rootedness in nature that is usually harder for men to achieve. This is why the Greeks and many other ancient peoples knew that women are more likely to be Oracles and to know the future and also the intentions of others (they “know” the future from innate sensation of the intentions and the blood of others). Cassandra was such a prophetess, and even the great seer Tiresias was said to have turned into a woman for a while. Many shamans practice transvestism among various peoples—fools interpret this as “gay rights,” not seeing the cultic understanding of femininity. The Pythia was a woman, and the ancient Germans always consulted women before great decisions, because they could provide a different and more direct view of things. The modern lords of lies have alienated women from this by promoting the hyper-conscious, talky, neurotic-obsessive persona among urban slave women. That is a parody of the worst kind of men. Oracles in nature are already rare enough, and how many have been lost to us because they were misled by the snakes who seduced her into thinking she should ape the snappy, chatty self-consciousness of the midget homosexual and “comedian”? They know how powerless we are without knowledge of the future; they keep this for themselves.

I concur.

On strategy

BAP on just having a bunch of kids:

Quite aside from the fact that you yourself wouldn’t have wanted to be born as part of a demographic war, this isn’t a kind of struggle that civilized races with a need for space and fresh air can ever win. The idea that whites or Japanese should start vomiting out six or seven children through a vagina like illiterate slave hordes of Bangladesh or Niger is absurd. For one, it’s never going to happen, and it shouldn’t. Throughout history we’ve almost always been outnumbered, and it hasn’t been a problem. Immigration restriction combined with some judicious deportation done gradually would be enough to secure the homeland of the civilized.

This is true, but it relies on our ability to throw this demographic war out of our borders, which is technically possible, but the question is if the people can muster the orbs to do so. Any retard with a vote can cancel out yours. It’s much harder to stop you from having kids.

On strategic moves:

The greatest in [we] have against the enemy is the fact that the enemy has sowed sexual chaos and has destroyed romance.

Also true. This one is a massive in, because romance is so core to human motivation. Everyone wants romance, but only one side will tell you how to actually achieve it. It’s the side that tells you to get in shape, stop stuttering and aim up.

The final section

I had to re-experience the ending of BAM probably 6 times before I started to understand it. And once I understood it, it seemed quite interesting. Either because it’s crazy enough to work, or purely out of the allure of vice.

A secret brotherhood of men that descend into the underworld of society, infiltrating casinos, strip clubs, crack dens, the porn industry, bars, all of it. All with this idea in mind:

It is the greatest weapon in our age. Know that the leviathan sustains itself not by the promotion of vice, but by its normalization. But in every normalization a great deal must be edited out. This is its great weakness.

Idea being (I think), to amplify what is attempted edited out, to reveal the real repugnance of vice to the masses.