Welcome to Sound Lessons From Set. Pun extremely intended.

This will be a series of write-ups about lessons I’ve learned on set. Mistakes and challenges I’ve faced, and how I overcame them, in the hopes that it’ll be of use to you in your film making journey. I’m also writing them to help myself think about and formalize these lessons so they’ll be easier to remember and put into practice.

I’ve had many ideas of this sort that I’ve wanted to write down and publish for many years, but never decided on the format. Now that I’ve re-written my website to use HUGO, and I’ve gone freelance and therefore don’t feel I need to share this process with anyone, it seems obvious to me that this should be in the format of a “blog”. However, these needed to be separated from my usual musings, because these will only be of interest to very specific groups of people. People who work in film production. Maybe even restricted to sound department members, but I hope that what I write will be generalizable enough to be of interest to most people who work on set. Therefore, Sound Lessons From Set has its own index, and its own RSS-feed that you can subscribe to.

Some topics will be specific to a production I worked on, and some lessons will be aggregate lessons from multiple productions. Articles will not be static after posted. If I come up with a new point for an old topic, I will update said article. I will not make a part 2, unless I feel the point is large enough to be its own write-up. Therefore, if you’re citing my work in an academic context, it is very important to include the date at which you downloaded the article. Not that I expect anyone to do that, let alone read this.